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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Oh My Milan: A Glamorous Guide & Pro tips to live your best life in Italy

Ahh, Milan. Chic, stylish and effortlessly fashionable. Italy had been on my to do list since I was in college, so booking my ticket for a 10-day solo trip was long overdue. There are so many beautiful cities in Italy that I wanted to visit so it was difficult choosing where to go. I managed to hop over to Milan, Venice, Rome, Pompeii, and Positano. Yeah, kind of a lot but time well spent. 
So, American me landed in Milan, Italy. 

Praise be after the 8-hour red eye. One long and troubling commute to the center of Milan later, I finally made it to my Airbnb in the trendy neighborhood of Brera. As soon as I freshened up and stepped outside, I was in awe of the cute streets and shops filled with Italian leather goods and gorgeous gowns. 

My eyes widened and sparkled at the Milanese style and at the finely dressed, tall, dark, and handsome Milanese men. 

I loved the vibe of Milan and could easily see myself living there. *downloads Duolingo app to learn Italian* I wandered this city for about 4 days and I’m convinced my heart is still somewhere in those Italian streets. If you want the visual of my experience in Milan, check out my Italy vlog on my YouTube Channel!

Where I Went:

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele – High-end shopping + insanely breathtaking architecture. Go in the little café above Prada. Fancy af. 

Miss Sixty Café – Perfect for grabbing a delicious tiramisu and cup of tea in a girly spot.

Duomo Di Milano – Stunning Church. Pigeons galore. 

Terrazza Aperol – Trendy rooftop bar with views of the Duomo. Great aperitivos in the evening. 

Montenopoleone – Highest of the high-end shops in the Fashion district of Milan. If you have a sugar daddy or just some serious Euros to burn this is your district. Less touristy than Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Be ready to see a Ferrari or Maserati.  

PaniniDurini – Perfect little eatery for a croissant and fresh orange juice in the morning. Buongiorno.  

Casa Infante – YOU MUST GO HERE FOR THE ORGASMIC GELATO. Thank me later. 

N Ombra de Vin – Bar with lots of beautiful locals and cocktails. Great nightlife. Gets crowded so be sure to stand by someone good looking which will not be hard. 

Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo - Pizza perfection. 

Outlet stores near Montenopoleone – Do yourself a favor and stop into an Italian outlet store. Once again, thank me later. 

10 Corso Como – This place has a bit of everything in one creative space. An art gallery, rooftop views, high end shopping, quirky novelties, garden restaurant, indoor lounge, books, everything! Stay for a drink and dinner after you’ve wandered through all the levels.

Where I Stayed:

Brera District – Artsy, fresh, lots of shops, restaurants and nightlife. Close to the Metro, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the Duomo, and N Ombra de Vin.

Pro tips while in Milan:

Let your personal style come out. People will appreciate the effort you put into your look and gravitate towards you because of it.

This is the place to break out your designer everything. Shoes & bags - flaunt it.

Use your sauce and accept the free drinks, dinners, and good vibes that follow.

Be ready for the cigarette smoke.

Women tend wear heels in the evening around 6pm. Not a flat in sight. 

Ditch the bodycon dresses for nightlife. Sexy chic is the way to go. 

Enjoy the sweet life, eat the food, and live your life how you want. 



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