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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

5 Ways to find Sustainable Clothing that Suits your Style

Fast fashion is quickly getting cancelled


It seems like consumers are more and more concerned with how a product is made and how a company treats its people and not only the products that are produced.

Cheap and cheerful, fast fashion brands can you get whatever is trending, for less. Hard to not love that and I totally understand the appeal! 

I will admit I have a love for Shein, but am not ordering from them anymore. Goodbye Fast Fashion, Hello Sustainable Style.

Unfair pay, insensitive messaging and replication in fast fashion brands have many of us blowing them farewell kisses and embracing more sustainable clothing and style options. 

I'm going back to my roots of discounted designer items and finding unique pieces from thrift stores.  

Care to join me?

Here are 5 ways to find sustainable clothing that suits your style.

Thrift Stores

Many of my favorite clothing items are from thrift stores. You will be able to find bold statement pieces that are unique and can express your personal style. Since you are buying pre-loved pieces you are recycling! 

Did you know that if it is cheaper for a brand to throw away a returned item, they often will toss it rather than access, repackage and resell it? *facepalm* 

Reselling Platforms

From easy everyday wear to high-end luxury items, there is a platform for it all. 

Etsy, Poshmark, Depop, Facebook reseller groups (yes, this is a thing!), The Real Real, Fashionphile, and Tradesy can all get you started. 

OPC (Other People's Closets)

I have been saying the 90s have never left and I fully stand by that. Raid someone's closet (your mom, dad, grandmother, older cousin, you get the point!) to find some interesting pieces that they aren't wearing anymore. 

Have fun styling oversized items to make the garments relevant to your current style. 

Rent it! 

Renting clothing is an awesome way to find a piece that you need for just a short time. From active wear to gowns, they have it! I love this option because you can rent a gorgeous designer gown and pay a fraction of the price to wear it.  

Shop Ethical Brands

If you are not into renting clothing or wearing clothing from consignment, don't worry. 

Many brands are taking responsible approaches to producing their pieces so you will be able to to purchase new clothing with confidence. 

Here are a few resources:



Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Cottage Core in a Secret Garden

Captured a moment in a secret garden.

Well, more like captured this moment in my back yard in Georgia at my mom's house. But the mystical and romantic feeling translated well in this image, don't you think?

I spent some time at home in Georgia with my mom recently and decided to take advantage of the big backyard to shoot some content I wouldn't have the opportunity to shoot in NYC. 

Since cottagecore and fairycore aesthetics are buzzing, I hopped on the bandwagons to mix up my style and Instagram Aesthetic a bit. 

And so, I walked barefoot through the grass and found a spot to lay my crisp, white sheet and handful of whimsical props and glasses to set the scene. 

The end results, although very different from my normal chic-girl-in-the-city-style, did not disappoint. 

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