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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Piece of Paris and A Little London

From my first "Bonjour" to my last "Au revoir" I took in as much Parisian culture as I possibly could during my time in France. 

Oh the baguettes. 

Sandwiching Paris between flying in and out of Heathrow airport was one of my brighter ideas of all last year. For some time now, my mom had been talking about going to Paris. Not sure where she got the idea...and it doesn't matter since whisking off to Paris is always a good thought!

As a birthday gift, I decided to gift her a trip to London and Paris. Bada Bing and shout out to my job at an investment firm. 

A little nerve racking because I've only ever rolled solo abroad. #independent. So having another person to plan for and take into consideration was kind of a challenge! When I travel by myself and I mess something up or get lost it's not a big deal because I just fail in peace and no one really knows. womp womp. But with my mom coming, if something doesn't go smoothly she would also experience it. The stressss...

All in all, it turned out to be a fabulous trip with just a few minor hiccups but the highlight was definitely Paris and all of it's romantic and swanky glory. 

I will say, London's streets and neighborhood names are extremely reminiscent of New York City. Well, I guess it is the other way around. NYC basically took a bunch of names from London and voila! You have Greenwich, Kew Gardens, Chelsea, and Soho. But the attitude in the city of Paris feels more New York. You know, that I-don't-care-about-you-because-I'm-fabulous-and-everyone-wants-to-be-here, kind of attitude. 

The aesthetic of Paris is completely captivating and wandering around was my favorite thing to do and something I want to do more of. I'll be watching airfare because I think I'm ready for another trip back to the city of lights. 

The Epic Palace of Versailles in France

Me + Arch de Triumph, Paris

Taylor Poppins in Notting Hill in London 

Living Life in London 

A stunning sunset in Paris

Delicious Crepe from Au P'tit Grec in Paris

Me in my Apartment 
Tea and Croissants @ Cafe De Flore in Paris 

You better know what and where this is 

Most amazing woman I know and me  
Luxembourg Garden, Paris 

Sips tea in London 


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