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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Secret Speakeasy in an Ice Cream Shop? Here's the Scoop

We all know the Upper East Side: classic, upscale, buttoned up, fancy af. You may think this section of Manhattan is a little stuffy but what you may not know is you can get downtown vibes at an uptown spot.

A little birdie told me the new ice cream shop between 88th and 89th on second ave has a hidden speakeasy right behind it. SHOOK. As soon as I heard I knew I had to stop by. The place did not disappoint. 

I introduce you to one of the newest speakeasys situated right uptown. It's name? 
The Storage Room. 

You'll first walk into UES, a tiny and pretty honest looking ice cream shop that greets you with a neon ice cream cone at the entrance. Yeah, you can't miss it. Drenched in millennial pink you'll see the petit ice cream selection and some cute decor. #Instagrammable. 

Ask to go to The Storage Room and you'll be instructed to find the switch so someone can let you in. (I won't spoil this for you - you're on your own finding it)

Once you've stepped in, you'll be surrounded by mixed metals, tea cups, picture frames and chandeliers as you make your way to your pink barstool. 

The cocktails are pricy (hello, this is New York) but are UES inspired. I ordered the Girls Gossip on the East - Serena Van Der Woodsen approved and Gossip Girl inspired. This drink is lit. Literally. Containing rose, prosecco, tequila, melon puree, and a corn husk that is lit on fire. There is also the Absolutely Bradshaw, Millionaires Row, The devil wears nada, The Second Avenue Subway, and Tea at the Carlyle to name a few more. 

Oh, and dress code is strictly enforced. Smart chic is the way to go if you want to get in.



Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Florals, for Spring? Groundbreaking.

(If you don't know what movie that's from we can't be friends)

Florals on my feet, easy denim jeans, and a feminine sweater is so necessary for Spring in New York city. This soft look was super comfy and effortless...minus walking the cobblestone streets. 


Sunday, April 15, 2018

3 Nightclubs for a Killer Girl's Night Out

Girl's Night Out
is so necessary after long weeks at whatever your day job may be from being beat down by the man...or just adulting in general. Perfect girls nights are full of cute outfits (probably all spandex and bodycon), makeup, stilettos, dancing, drinks and of course Instagram.

Girl's nights give me all the feels because it's JUST about your best friends, having fun, and looking chic. I can't wait to head back to these spots in the #summer with a little skin out. 

Here is my guide to a high key night out with your ladies. 

Girls night essentials


Okay you may have heard of The Box since it's been around for some time and since it was in Gossip Girl. (xoxo) This Lower East Side spot lived up to the crazy, naked, Moulin Rouge-esque hype. Once you get past the cranky doormen you'll enter the no-phones allowed venue. The stage where the shows are is a few steps past the bar and the acts start around 1am. Music blasts and booze flows while the performers showcase their controversial and risqué acts that will leave you and your girls wide eyed, giggling, and gasping.

Oh, and word of advice, don't stand too close to the stage because you might get um...sprayed by something. 


Way west and all the way up, PHD  is literally a penthouse on top of The Dream Hotel in Meatpacking. If you want all the feels and stunning views of New York City at night, this is your spot. You'll be seeing neon lights and your friends dancing on top of the couches in no time. If it gets too lit inside, you can always head out to the roof and chit chat with some dude who's probably passing through on business or a couple that just met on Tinder. PHD gets and A+ for the best music and vibes.


Want to have dinner then party after? Vandal's got you and your besties covered, sis. Guaranteed to get your life at this posh restaurant that turns into a club late night. Be sure to get that giant purple, break dancing bunny, on your Instagram stories when the model hostess shows you to your table. Make your way downstairs and head to the bar to grab a cocktail. You might hear Cardi B then a little Vanessa Carlton. #nostalgic vibes will be real until Drake floods the speakers.



I'll have a Smile to Go, thanks!

Thirty degree weather + my photographer over thirty-five minutes late =  no smile in sight. Yep. My photographer was super late to a shoot while I was waiting outside at the location, so I decided to try to find a chai tea latte to sooth my spirit, you feel me? 

 Wandering around SoHo in my multicolored Steve Madden mules (hello Gucci dupes), Fashion Nova denim, thrifted cropped sweater, and a hat I found at Housing Works on the UES ended up being amazing. 

I found the cutest under-the-radar food and coffee spot called Smile to Go. I didn't eat there (ahem...but should and will) they had my go to drink of choice which was so delicious and warmed  me right up.

When it was time to go, I definitely had a smile on my face. 


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Switching into Spring

With Spring officially here but the Spring weather no where in sight, I thought it was about time to start thinking about how I can try to ditch my big winter coat. The thing is, NYC is still cold so it's not quite time to break out my flowy floral dresses and peep toe sandals. 

My happy medium? Emerald green booties and a killer faux leather leather jacket with fur sleeves and fur collar. 
This outfit was cool and comfortable without any fuss and I live for these ripped denim jeans and aviator shades which you've probably seen on my Instagram

Spring means new feels, fresh starts, and eventually ditching my giant winter coats. 


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