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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Secret Speakeasy in an Ice Cream Shop? Here's the Scoop

We all know the Upper East Side: classic, upscale, buttoned up, fancy af. You may think this section of Manhattan is a little stuffy but what you may not know is you can get downtown vibes at an uptown spot.

A little birdie told me the new ice cream shop between 88th and 89th on second ave has a hidden speakeasy right behind it. SHOOK. As soon as I heard I knew I had to stop by. The place did not disappoint. 

I introduce you to one of the newest speakeasys situated right uptown. It's name? 
The Storage Room. 

You'll first walk into UES, a tiny and pretty honest looking ice cream shop that greets you with a neon ice cream cone at the entrance. Yeah, you can't miss it. Drenched in millennial pink you'll see the petit ice cream selection and some cute decor. #Instagrammable. 

Ask to go to The Storage Room and you'll be instructed to find the switch so someone can let you in. (I won't spoil this for you - you're on your own finding it)

Once you've stepped in, you'll be surrounded by mixed metals, tea cups, picture frames and chandeliers as you make your way to your pink barstool. 

The cocktails are pricy (hello, this is New York) but are UES inspired. I ordered the Girls Gossip on the East - Serena Van Der Woodsen approved and Gossip Girl inspired. This drink is lit. Literally. Containing rose, prosecco, tequila, melon puree, and a corn husk that is lit on fire. There is also the Absolutely Bradshaw, Millionaires Row, The devil wears nada, The Second Avenue Subway, and Tea at the Carlyle to name a few more. 

Oh, and dress code is strictly enforced. Smart chic is the way to go if you want to get in.




  1. Lovely places!!
    Have a great day!
    La ilusión de Nina-

  2. Amazing place! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
    much love, Len

  3. That place looks really nice!!

  4. This place looks awesome!Lovely pictures:-)

  5. Hi Taylor! This place looks awesome, I love NYC is one of my favourite cities in the world, next time I visit NY I will definitely try this place. BTW I also read the "about" and I immediately felt your positive energy, and that made me feel good! And the way you end "Someone else's successes are not your failures." is just perfect! Have a great day! xoxo Joana

    1. It's very cute and I think you'll love it! Thanks for reading the about me and glad you felt some positivity from it! <3 !

  6. Woow everything looks fantastic!
    Alessa Bernal

  7. Wow what a beautiful place. Everything looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.!

  8. Such a beautiful ice cream parlour, love it!


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