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Thursday, July 12, 2018

4 Ways How Not To Self Destruct When Life is Crumbling

Life…Ain’t nothing fair about it. 

Have you ever had moments when you reflect on life and think “wtf” in disbelief at how shitty things are actually going? If you haven’t had that experience please bestow your knowledge upon me, because I’d love to know your sorcery. I don’t know many people who haven't had thoughts like this. Life can tend to feel like more shits than giggles but hey, we’re human and what else can we do but learn to cope with the cards we’re dealt? It’s normal to be down in your individual dump but here are 4 ways how not to self-destruct when your life is crumbling.  


Express yourself [in a healthy way, friends] that gets out the bad and sad feelings that are swarming around in your mind. Shout, throw stuff, and ugly cry your heart out. This probably will not fix your problems but you will feel an emotional release that may make the burden feel a bit less heavy. 

Talk to your person
Bestie, boyfriend, mom, sister, girlfriend, cat, whoever will be able to respond and provide valuable guidance or input about your situation…ok, so maybe rule out cat. The person should be trustworthy so you can vent freely and not be worried about the excruciating or embarrassing deets of your woes being leaked to your other dear friends, fam or SOCIAL MEDIA accounts. If you still are having a hard time dealing, go talk to a shrink. #noshame 

Continue to do you
Is your thing bottomless brunch on the weekend with your friends, reading that book you’ve been meaning to catch up on, or taking an exercise class that you love? Do it. You may feel unmotivated to do anything but force it a little if you can. It’s important to keep doing what you love to do and what makes you happy and feel good to lift yourself out of your rut. 

Roll with it
Whatever came your way that has you shaken, acknowledge it, fix it, or adjust to it. You may not feel better overnight but be patient and try to maintain that cute spark that makes you, you.


 Disclaimer: I’m not a shrink by any means. This information is from my life experiences and should not be taken as medical guidance. 

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