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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Minimalistic Style Guide

Lately I have been loving the minimalistic style moment that the fashion world is having! 90's inspired crop tops, solid belts, spaghetti strap tops, mom jeans, and chunky gold jewelry? Sign me up!

Even though this is a trend and trends are fleeting, I decided to fully embrace this one because the items are basically, basics!

Even once this trend fades away into the fashion abyss, the pieces can still be worn as staples in your wardrobe since most are essentially timeless.

Putting a minimalist look together can easily look frumpy, sloppy, and boring.

Elevating your look with accessories is the key to really riding this wave and staying chic. Like any clothing item, the fit needs to be flattering to your body shape.

I also love this style because it is un-fussy fashion that looks put-together and effortless. And since most of the pieces are simple, they're mix-and-match-able for many different outfit options.

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I love a luxury item, honey! However, I also love to be frugal and find the look for less! I'll keep most of my suggestions budget friendly. You're welcome :)

Here is your minimalistic style guide.

Basic top + mom jeans + belt + sneakers or a mule + chunky gold jewelry = Chic, Simple Outfit

And that's it! I'm not great at math but I give myself and A+ for style. This formula is fool proof. Your clothing just needs to fit well. Below are some pieces to help plug into that formula! 


Friday, May 15, 2020

5 Cute Indoor Date Ideas for your Significant Other

I have a confession to make

I am a romantic and I love, love. "Sappy Rom-Com watcher" should be a skill on my resume! Just because we are staying to ourselves during this time, doesn't mean we should totally neglect the romance in our relationships. It just takes a bit of planning and maybe a run to the grocery store. Romance can certainly be grand with lots of expensive gifts and trips but it can also be subtle and sweet (and friendly for your wallet). I'm sharing five ways you can give your partner googly-eyes while staying inside. Read on for the love! 

Make a Fort!
You know, like when you were a kid? Grab some blankets and pillows then build an epic fort for the two of you to hang out in for an evening. You can cuddle up and watch a movie or just chit chat while gazing into each others eyesss. Once you both start to get hungry, the fort also doubles as the perfect place to have lunch or dinner. 

Learn a Dance Together (TikTok or a classical ballroom dance)
If you and your S.O. are into staying active together, why not learn a dance together? It can be a TikTok dance (*side-eye) or if you're not into social media trends, you could learn a classical ballroom dance. YouTube University can help you sway the night away, or just step on each other's toes and laugh about it.  

Make S'mores Together 
The next time you head to the grocery store, go ahead and abandon your Keto diet for a moment and live a little. Grab some graham crackers, big marshmallows, milk chocolate and skewers that can withstand heat. 

If you have a fireplace, light it up, get cozy and start roasting your marshmallows to gooey perfection so you can enjoy your tiny, sweet sandwiches. No fireplace? No problem. The stove works perfectly and eating your s'more standing up in the kitchen will be a cute experience for the both of you.

Dress up, Order Takeout and have an Indoor Dinner Date
You know what tastes good? Someone else's cooking! If you are in a place where you can order takeout, you should! Support locally run restaurants and order your favorite dish. You and your special someone can then get dressed, pick up your food, bring it home, set the table and enjoy your food while not in a big t-shirt in sweatpants. 

Light Candles and give your Sweetie a Massage 
Stress from the day to day hustle of this world we live in is exhausting. Light a few candles, dim the lights and give your S.O. a soothing massage to help them relax and unwind. Hopefully they will return the favor! 


Tuesday, May 12, 2020

At Home Workouts (that you'll actually want to do!)

It is about that time when everyone is getting a bit Quarantine crazy. If you need an example, just observe the lady who decided to go out on her fire escape and bang excessively on a pot with a medal spoon at 8:30am to disturb the entire block.

Witness with your own eyes here!

I digress, but while we are keeping to ourselves during this time, it is easy to fall into the comforts of being a couch potato with popcorn and wine for dinner every night.

We are in a global pandemic, so if my dinner is white cheddar popcorn and white wine, then so be it.

But when I am feeling more motivated, I like to do at home workouts after I finished up with my work day. 

I remembered how much I enjoy Pilates (I had a Pilates internship in Brooklyn my first year hustling in NYC that was basically indentured servitude, but was a great intro to the practice) and ended up reuniting with some workouts.

Since there are no group classes happening anywhere, I did what any other Millennial would do. Turned to YouTube - specifically, Blogilates with Cassy Ho.

Cassey is smiley, lighthearted, positive, upbeat and always motivational. But don't let that cute innocent smile fool you. Please believe, your muscles will be shaking the first few minutes into the workout!

Her approach to health is real and she shuts down any fad diets and negative body trend products circling around social media. 

She is also an OG YouTuber and blogger. Her first video went up back in 2009! On her blog you can find free fitness planner printables if you're feeling especially organized about your workout life. 

I could go on and on, or you could just check out her Blogilates website! 

Ready for what you came for? Here are a few of my favorite Blogilates workouts. I hope these can motivate you to hop up from your couch and do some squats. 

Stretching Videos
I like to start off with stretching because my dance background in forever instilled in me. Gotta loosen up my muscles before I start stressing them out!

Butt and underbutt workouts
Prepare to struggle (in a good way).

Ab workouts
My Abs have been neglected for a while but these workouts are helping them to make their dramatic comeback

Arms and Back workouts
You guessed it, these will burn. :)

Cardio workouts
All apartment friendly

(not sponsored - I just really like Cassey and her work!) 
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