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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

At Home Workouts (that you'll actually want to do!)

It is about that time when everyone is getting a bit Quarantine crazy. If you need an example, just observe the lady who decided to go out on her fire escape and bang excessively on a pot with a medal spoon at 8:30am to disturb the entire block.

Witness with your own eyes here!

I digress, but while we are keeping to ourselves during this time, it is easy to fall into the comforts of being a couch potato with popcorn and wine for dinner every night.

We are in a global pandemic, so if my dinner is white cheddar popcorn and white wine, then so be it.

But when I am feeling more motivated, I like to do at home workouts after I finished up with my work day. 

I remembered how much I enjoy Pilates (I had a Pilates internship in Brooklyn my first year hustling in NYC that was basically indentured servitude, but was a great intro to the practice) and ended up reuniting with some workouts.

Since there are no group classes happening anywhere, I did what any other Millennial would do. Turned to YouTube - specifically, Blogilates with Cassy Ho.

Cassey is smiley, lighthearted, positive, upbeat and always motivational. But don't let that cute innocent smile fool you. Please believe, your muscles will be shaking the first few minutes into the workout!

Her approach to health is real and she shuts down any fad diets and negative body trend products circling around social media. 

She is also an OG YouTuber and blogger. Her first video went up back in 2009! On her blog you can find free fitness planner printables if you're feeling especially organized about your workout life. 

I could go on and on, or you could just check out her Blogilates website! 

Ready for what you came for? Here are a few of my favorite Blogilates workouts. I hope these can motivate you to hop up from your couch and do some squats. 

Stretching Videos
I like to start off with stretching because my dance background in forever instilled in me. Gotta loosen up my muscles before I start stressing them out!

Butt and underbutt workouts
Prepare to struggle (in a good way).

Ab workouts
My Abs have been neglected for a while but these workouts are helping them to make their dramatic comeback

Arms and Back workouts
You guessed it, these will burn. :)

Cardio workouts
All apartment friendly

(not sponsored - I just really like Cassey and her work!) 

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