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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Minimalistic Style Guide

Lately I have been loving the minimalistic style moment that the fashion world is having! 90's inspired crop tops, solid belts, spaghetti strap tops, mom jeans, and chunky gold jewelry? Sign me up!

Even though this is a trend and trends are fleeting, I decided to fully embrace this one because the items are basically, basics!

Even once this trend fades away into the fashion abyss, the pieces can still be worn as staples in your wardrobe since most are essentially timeless.

Putting a minimalist look together can easily look frumpy, sloppy, and boring.

Elevating your look with accessories is the key to really riding this wave and staying chic. Like any clothing item, the fit needs to be flattering to your body shape.

I also love this style because it is un-fussy fashion that looks put-together and effortless. And since most of the pieces are simple, they're mix-and-match-able for many different outfit options.

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I love a luxury item, honey! However, I also love to be frugal and find the look for less! I'll keep most of my suggestions budget friendly. You're welcome :)

Here is your minimalistic style guide.

Basic top + mom jeans + belt + sneakers or a mule + chunky gold jewelry = Chic, Simple Outfit

And that's it! I'm not great at math but I give myself and A+ for style. This formula is fool proof. Your clothing just needs to fit well. Below are some pieces to help plug into that formula! 


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