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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

When You Feel Your Worst, Look Your Best

"When you feel your worst, look your best"

- Not sure who said that

Lately, I've been feeling down because summer is officially gone and a person who I had romantic feelings for, basically kicked me to the curb and moved to Europe in the process of doing so. 

With lack of sun and lack of said guy, it would be easy to settle into a rut on a chilly Sunday on my couch eating cinnamon toast crunch (ahem...which happened). But I didn't let my rut last long. I knew I had to get out and keep living my life as my fabulous self.

I threw on one of my new favorite patterned suits, stepped out side, and let the good feelings flow. 

Since it's fall, I slid into some tights, chunky booties, and for a spin added door knocker earrings and a western inspired hat.

Clothing is an expression and I choose to be chic. 

No matter who just ditched me, 


No matter the season.

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