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Thursday, July 12, 2018

GITANO...worth the Hype or just for the Gram?

Okay, so let's be honest. Many of the "hottest" places in NYC that open fall flat when you actually end up visiting the spot. AmIright? 

Let's talk about Gitano in Soho. The new jungle in the concrete jungle and a spin off of the original Gitano in Tulum, Mexico. You've probably seen the pink neon sign and lush greenery splashed on your IG feed for a few weeks now. I had to go for myself to see if it was worth the hype.

When you walk up to the place, there isn't much curb appeal folks. You'll see a big fence surrounding the venue covered in black tarp material... you won't miss it but it's not cute. :( 

The entrance with the pink neon "Gitano" sign, tall trees and plants, however, is very Instagrammable so make sure you have a worthy #ootd to match the cool, mellow vibes. 

Inside the huge space, you will see a big bar and hovering over the bar is a huge silver disco ball.  Lots and lots of seating which is real rare in NYC! This place would be perfect for a big group of your besties to hang out and have a summer margarita. 

Thinking of the very small menu could bring a tear to one's eye but they do give a disclaimer since it's only an experimental pop up. This place is good for drinks but definitely make brunch or dinner reservations elsewhere. 

Over all I'd say this place is just for the gram, but that's not a bad thing right? 


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