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Sunday, June 23, 2019

2 Summer Spots to Grab a Drink in Brooklyn

Okay, Okay...I'm a bonafide Manhattan girl through and through but as of lately I've been crossing over the Brooklyn Bridge to the dark side.

To my surprise I've been spending more time in Brooklyn and honestly? I haven't been hating it. I've discovered hang outs near the water are perfect for taking in the New York City skyline and if I can't be in Manhattan I might as well be staring at it while watching a gorgeous sunset right? 

By no means am I declaring myself a Brooklynite but will admit these warm weather spots are perfect for day drinking and being around your favorite people. Round up your squad and head to these Brooklyn hang outs. 

Brooklyn Barge

I had been hearing about Greenpoint so was excited when a friend wanted to visit Brooklyn Barge. A ride on the E train then transferring to the G train (yeah...there's a G train and it was my first time ever on it) and we were in Greenpoint, BK. Way less hipstery than Williamsburg (thank goodness!) we walked into an industrial looking area to find people filled picnic tables, wine, beer and food. It was super crowded but keep your eye out for a few seats and mark your territory in a location where you can fix your eyes on the view of the water and the NYC skyline. If you start to feel hungry, there are cards with a website and your seat number on the table. Go to the website and order your nosh from your seat. #innovation  

Time Out Market 

When I was in Portugal I stumbled into the award-winning Time Out Market Lisboa. If you want to see the market in Lisbon, trip peep my travel vlog. I quickly fell in love with the curated eateries located in the two story space. Immediately I wondered - why doesn't New York have one of these? Not too far into my Google search I discovered one was indeed coming to New York and would end up in DUMBO, Brooklyn. The market is situated right along side the Brooklyn Bridge and it blows the Lisbon Time Out Market out of the water. Live music, tones of people watching, and amazing eats all under one roof. I was sold after drinks on the roof and taking in the sunset.

I'll definitely be heading back to Brooklyn this summer. Will you? 


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