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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How to Win At The Beach Your Labor Day Weekend Getaway Guide

Summer's over when you say it's over and I am headed to Rockaway beach a few more times this season. If you are like me, you are dreading the brutal winter that lies ahead and hanging onto everysingle, last warm day.

Labor Day weekend is coming up (hell yeah) so why not spend it relaxing under the warm sun, sipping a cocktail, with your toes in the sand? Grab your girls, pack a bag, and live your #bestlife. 

You'll need a few essentials before you hit the sand, so read on if you want to know how to win at the beach. 

What You'll Need:

The Beach Bag

I ordered the cutest beach bag from Amazon! It's huge and has tons of pockets for keys, valuables, and space for all of your beach essentials. It also came with a phone case to prevent sand from ruining your life... I mean phone. 

Mini Booze Bottles

BYOB duh. Before your trip, buy a bunch of mini bottles of whatever booze you like to sip on. When you get to the beach: grab a cup of ice, a drink of your choice to mix said booze with, then mix your own drink to quench your thirst with your delicious cocktail. The mini bottles win over the big bottles because they will not weigh your bag down or break because they're plastic. You're welcome. 

The Cocktail Cups

Ok - you cannot just mix your drink in a plastic cup because it will spill out and probably get sand inside when the wind blows. Grab some metal wine cups with a lid so a bug doesn't ruin your drink and so that your drink stays nice and cold. Love these!

The Beach Towel

The towel design is now important because Instagram is a thing. You'll want it to look good for whatever your IG aesthetic is and be functional to dry off after a dip in the ocean. I found my towel on Amazon because I'm addicted to Prime. 

The Bathing Suit

Finding the perfect bathing suit can be hard but I love options from HM and Zara. Make sure it's cut for your body type that way you look 🔥 in pictures and on your story.

Snacks, Shades, and Sunscreen

Shades are a must when strutting down the boardwalk or laying in the sand but put on your sunscreen first. I get most of my shades on the street in Harlem, but you can find cute ones online. Shein or Gucci - your choice. For the snacks? Prepackaged is the way to go to but beware of hungry seagulls because they are not afraid to swoop down and steal your skinnypop popcorn! Yep. That happened to me.

Your favorite Reads

Lounging in the sand is the perfect time to catch up on the book you've been meaning to read or to flip through your favorite magazine. I am a hopeless romantic and love, love, loved "A Duke by Default" by Alyssa Cole. I also brought along an issue of Marie Claire for the ferry ride to the beach. 

How to get there:

One thing I love about NYC is that you're never too far away from the water. To get to Rockaway beach you can take a comfortable and scenic ride on the ferry from Wall Street/Pier 11 and it's only $2.75 one way. The beach is about a 15 minute walk from where you will be dropped off and most importantly you can drink on the boat. #winning :)

Where to Stay:

I stayed at a new and very Instagrammable hotel called the HighTide Hotel. Only one block from the beach and there are a range of rooms: some rooms can hold 2 people and some up to 6 people. I stayed in suite #9 which was very Instagrammable and super comfortable. You can book through AirBnb! 

With this guide you'll be sure to win at the beach! Ready to go?

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