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Sunday, August 12, 2018

14 Ways New York City living will hurt your feelings

  1. Your terrible neighbor in the apartment above you non-stop playing the piccolo
  2. When you swipe your Metrocard and begin to rush through to catch your train but get punched in the pelvis by the locked turnstyle to look back and see "insufficient funds" 
  3. Kraft grated parmesan cheese $8.49? It's expired??
  4. When you discover your train is not running and are now stranded in your own borough 
  5. Never-ending winters = cold tundras of depression 
  6. Rent :'(
  7. Sitting is a wet spot... pls help.
  8. When the train stops underground and the conductor says it's because of train traffic but how could it be because you waited 19 minutes for this train
  9. When your favorite bodega on the corner near your apartment goes out of business. RIP
  10. Random pee smells
  11. When someone holding the top railing on the train has their arm pit only inches away from your face and their BO is wafting in your direction when you're smushed on the 6 train. No escape
  12. Gross AC water dripping on you
  13. When the "not in service" bus rides past empty leaving you discouraged in 27 degree weather and finally...
  14. LaGuardia airport in general 


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