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Monday, July 27, 2020

How to Wear One Pieces & Rompers

All for One and One for All. One-piece that is. 

The Three Musketeers said it best and I'm translating their catch-phrase into styling for the summer and beyond. 

The idea that summer is canceled has been floating around social media along with the opposite idea that summer is not canceled. Regardless of where you stand on the topic, the warm weather is here and I'm dressing the part with the help of staple one pieces and rompers.

Even once we kiss the warmer nights goodbye, your one-piece doesn't have to say sayonara with it.

Rompers and one-pieces are no brainers when it comes to effortless style. Throw it on quickly and you're out the door...but how can we make a basic one-piece look as chic as possible?

To make your regular romper turn heads, check out my style tips.

Deconstruct your Idea of a One-Piece

Consider taking a one-piece and wearing it as a statement item. In the first look, I grabbed a basic white crop top, acid wash denim shorts and then wore my up-cycled thrifted one-piece vest over the look to give the outfit more character. 

For autumn or winter, easily swap out your cropped t-shirt with a long sleeve basic tee and put on your most flattering pair of slacks or mom jeans. 


A must. Always. Right now, gold is the move but even if it wasn't I'd still be wearing my chunky gold necklaces on the regular. 

Grab a simple pair of gold hoops, a textured bracelet, and a dainty (or in my case, chunky) necklace. 

Don't forget your sunglasses and handbag. 


Perfect for the warmer months, throw on a casual crop top and wear it under your romper for a cool approach to your outfit. In the chillier months, you can do the same with a cute cropped sweater.

You're welcome :)

Find a Bold Color

This pistachio color makes my eyes look like the heart-eyed emoji whenever I catch a glimpse of it in my overpacked New York City closet.

The color compliments my skin tone and is fresh for this season and seasons to come. Find a color that is complimentary to your skin and follow all the steps listed in this how-to for a stylish and chic ensemble.


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