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Saturday, July 4, 2020

A Big Light in a Tiny Package


My new teacup poodle and the new love of my life. 

The time had finally come for me to add a little doggie into my life. After debating adoption or purchasing from a breeder, I opted to go to a store to meet the pups before committing to one that I found via googling. 

I took this route this because although I would have loved to adopt, there weren't many small breeds available (to fit in my tiny NYC apartment) and to also avoid getting scammed by purchasing a puppy that didn't really exist by a fake breeder! 

I made an appointment to visit a puppy store and was the only person in the store viewing the pups because of social distancing. It was my first day puppy searching since my landlord finally gave me the ok to get a pooch because I am not able to have a dog in my apartment. 

Penny is technically my Emotional Support Animal recommended by my psychologist, and so my landlord allowed me to bring in a doggie.

The pandemic, the current flare up of outrage due to racial injustices towards Black and African American people, and finding out my ex, whom I wanted to start a life with and who I wrote about in With Love and Hope  had a whole other relationship with another women for the entirely of our relationship. 

Yeah. That part. 

Queue "Take a Bow" by Rihanna. 

I'll spare you the grim details for now, but as you can imagine, I was a complete wreck and I am still in the process of recovering from the emotional and psychological blow. 

However, as soon as Penny came out of her crate and into my hands in the puppy store, I melted and it was a wrap. I visited a few other pet stores to look at other options but she already had my whole heart. 

At a whopping 1.5 pounds, she came home with me that day and has brought immense joy and happiness into my life ever since.

Her big brown puppy eyes and loyal mentality warm my spirit with each little tail wag.

I underestimated the magnitude of just how much an ESA would drastically lift my mood even despite my personal situation and our current social climate, but the transition into life with Penny has given me a renewed sense of vibrancy and happiness in my day-to-day. 

If you are going through a difficult time and are considering an ESA, just go for it. 

You have nothing to lose and you will gain a sweet and loyal companion. 


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