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Friday, March 22, 2019

Travel Diaries | Porto, Portugal

When I think of Porto, Portugal I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and picture captivating views of the city that overlooks the twinkling Douro river. Porto felt like Lisbon's more refined older sibling. You know, the sibling who has a more refined pallet and can handle port wine. Speaking of which, when I checked in to my hotel, they gave me a complimentary glass of port! Yasss! 

If the views won't make you cry, the steep hills certainly will. Hello quads. Breathe deep and keep moving upwards because there are pretty buildings and churches around every corner.

My second day in Porto, I wanted to find viewpoints that over look different points in the city. I found an innocent looking pathway that lead to a bridge. Somehow, I didn't realize this was the very, very high bridge that lead to the town of Gaia. The concierge at my hotel said the only thing good about Gaia was the view of Porto. The shade. But I don't disagree because once I crossed that bridge (my legs have never felt such nervous sensations) I was in absolute awe with the outline of the city. 

I sat for hours.

My stomach started to growl so I ventured back to Porto to grab a bite for lunch. After I finished eating, the view was still calling my name. And back to Gaia I went. 

I said this in my Portugal vlog (shameless plug) but I think I liked Porto even more than Lisbon.

Traveling breathes life into me and only makes me more curious to see more pockets of the world.



  1. Oh this looks like a beautiful city. I wish I could go here. My step family lives in Paris and I wish I could park myself there and then travel to other parts of Europe. And I love the neon green turtle neck with the skinny jeans!

    Allie of

    1. Thanks Allie!

      It was lovely and I enjoyed so much of my time there. If you get the chance, spending some time abroad with your step family would be an amazing experience!


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