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Friday, March 22, 2019

Things to do While Living Your Life in Lisbon

With pink streets, tasty pastries, sunny skies and good people, it's hard not to be impressed by the lovely allure of Lisbon. 

I was glad to have the opportunity to cross this city off my travel to-do list.

I couldn't believe how much personality this slightly under-the-radar city has. Artsy, diverse, eclectic, while still being traditional, I felt like I blended right into the culture. Well, right up until someone began speaking to me in Portuguese and I just stared at them like a deer in headlights. 

Luckily, "bom dia" and a friendly smile will get you pretty far. Not to mention most people I encountered spoke fluent English. I found myself wandering through quaint streets in between colorful buildings and strolling along calming waterfronts with cool breezes. 

If you ever find yourself bored in Lisboa, you're not doing it right. Here are just a few things to do:

Visit the pink street! A millennial's Instagram dream. Calm during the daytime, bustling at night

Crash an art party at Raw Culture Arts & Lofts in Barrio Alto - feel fancy while you sip your complimentary wine, take in the contemporary art, and laugh sophisticatedly with a stranger

Drink on the street in Barrio Alto - because why not

Go to LX Factory - an industrial concept of street art, shops, food and good vibes

Check out Time Out Market - so. many. food. options. and a good bathroom that you don't have to pay for. 

Eat a Pastel de Nata - you must try this traditional egg custard pastry 

Eat a pastel de Belem - you also must try this pastry because it's the original egg custard pastry. I think is better - try the two to compare

Watch the sunset by the Tower of Belem - GORGEOUS. At night the tower is illuminated beautifully

Take a day trip to Sintra and Caiscais - If you like castles, Sintra is for you. check out Pena Palace. Caiscais is cute and quaint

Try some Sea Bass at Toma la da Ca - A local told me about this restaurant. Enjoy traditional Portuguese cuisine

Stroll along the water - the sun will meet you there

Enjoy traditional Fado music - Traditional music...reminds me a bit of flamenco singing

Enjoy Park Rooftop - you have to go up through a questionable looking elevator but the rooftop on top of the parking garage is worth it. Grab a drink and enjoy



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