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Friday, August 7, 2020

Islands US Travelers Can Currently Travel To

Me trying to remain calm after reading that the EU is opening boarders but will not allow US travelers

Not sure about you, but I am aching for an international adventure! 🌎

Even though I would love to skip off to Amsterdam or Berlin to scratch my travel itch, it’s just not realistic in the foreseeable months. As unfortunate as this news is, I understand because the pandemic is still not under control in the US.

Even if the US was allowed entry, it’s questionable how comfortable I’d be on a plane with recycled air for a long international flight. What about you?

Laying low or ready to fly internationally to Europe as soon as we’re permitted?

I am still waiting for the moment when the EU will allow US citizens back in but if you are bold and just can't take it anymore, here are the islands that are currently allowing (and not allowing) US Travelers! 

(I found the above charts on Jet Blue's website on August 5th #notsponsoredbutwouldlovetobe) 

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