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Sunday, March 11, 2018

From Shein to High End

It's no secret that New York City winters are #coldaf. This plaid bodycon dress from Shein is perfect for a cold day because it has long sleeves so your arms can be covered for a little extra warmth. This look is a little extra because well...I am a little extra...and because I layered two coats of different lengths and textures, which brings me to my first tip how to make Shein look High End. 


I love to layer different fabric textures to make a look unique and really pop. The long, satin green trench coat really stands out under the pink faux fur coat. Under the coats? The super trendy Shein dress which cost me a whole $11 dollars. Yes. eleven dollars. Finally, my fishnets with a fun design stitched into the sides of the tights are a little unexpected. 

My next tip? Throw Shade. Ahem... I mean wear shades! You will instantly look like you are living your best life and not worried about anything. Boom. 

To make any inexpensive clothing item look like you got it from Bergdorf Goodman, pair it with something designer. A belt, a fabulous pair of shoes, sunglasses, any accessory you love to rock. I decided to throw on my Manolo Blahnik Hangisi stilettos (Carrie Bradshaw made me buy them) and grab my Marmont Mini Gucci bag to pull this look together. 

VoilĂ ! Now you know how make inexpensive pieces look like luxury. 


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