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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Seven Places I'm Going Once Quarantine is Over

If you read my last post, you'll know I am currently going through a breakup. There is never a good time to end a relationship, but during social distancing while there is a pandemic happening in the world takes the cake for the worse possible time. 

The feeling of being alone is that much more amplified. I can't just call a friend to meet me and sob to her while having a cocktail at a cute bar. I am stuck by myself in my apartment, alone with my meticulous thoughts about the end of my relationship and our new social climate of solitude. 

If it were a normal time in the world, I would have gone out to brunch and sipped on said cocktail with a friend to discuss my failed relationship and gotten her support (in person). I am already brainstorming places I would like to go once this all wraps up in the next few months. 

Here are seven places I'm hitting once quarantine is over.

The Crown and Public Hotel Rooftop
Both of these places have expansive views of New York City. You can grab a drink with some friends and just enjoy each other's company while taking the skyline. Much needed after being cooped up inside. 

While We Were Young 
This is one of those very girly and sceney places that serves pastel colored cocktails and attracts fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Most sceney places are just visually cute and the food is just so-so, but not here. I've sat at the tiny tables a few times and have always enjoyed their burger, which is always solid. When it's warm enough, they open the front of the restaurant so a summer breeze, (and probably the loud sounds of sirens) flow in.

My Fire Escape
Feeling a need to be outside while still following the social distancing guidelines, I moved Franklin (my aloe plant, whom I love very much) and climbed out of my window and onto the fire escape. The fresh air seemed even fresher from just outside of my window. Even when quarantine is over, you'll still be able to find me there with a glass of wine.

Employees Only
This narrow space is perfect for striking up a conversation with a stranger at 1am. You'll need a sharp eye if you want a seat at the bar, which is always packed. The drinks are shaken to perfection. 

Time Out Market
Live music, good vibes tons of food options and lots of outdoor seating? It's in Brooklyn (eh) but is a perfect place to spend an afternoon with some friends while taking in views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

Fig 19
Artsy and inconspicuous. You'll enter through a confusing minimalistic gallery to then find a dimly lit speakeasy behind an unsuspecting door. 

Since the coronavirus has overcome the world, I am taking this time to be grateful for what I have and for the future experiences to come. It is a luxury to be able to plan what I would like to do once this difficult time in the world passes and I don't take that for granted. 


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