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Monday, August 19, 2019

How to Plan the Perfect Vacation with Your Boyfriend

So it happened. 

Your significant other asks if you want to go away on vacation together. *pause for deep breaths followed by warm fuzzy feelings of joy and bliss* Amazing! After the sparkle in your eyes clears away and the initial flattery and excitement wears off, now what?! Do you say yes right away or do you take time to think about it? What will traveling together be like? Who pays for what? Do you have to spend every moment of the trip together? Will you clash when it comes to where to stay and what to do? What if the AirBnB is terrible! Will this trip bring out the worst in each other and ultimately end the relationship that's just beginning to take off? Ah! 

All of these thoughts flooded through my brain when my boyfriend asked me to go on vacation with him. Solo world traveling, I can do. No sweat and no problem. However traveling to the Caribbean, with a man, for a long weekend had me lost in the sauce. This was uncharted territory on my personal relationships map. I was so excited he asked but in true Taylor fashion, I took my time before agreeing to anything. 

Since this was baecation numero uno, I had no clue how to plan for it or what to expect. Before saying yes, I talked to a few of my friends about their experiences traveling with a significant other and what their "norm" was. Talking it out definitely helped me to navigate if I wanted to go or not but ultimately it was my own gut feelings mixed with a little research that convinced me to say yes. I came across "how to travel with your significant other" blog posts and YouTube videos...but not many how to actually plan the trip and the conversations to have before you go away together. In light of spreading a little more knowledge on the subject, here are my top 6 tips to plan a baecation.

1. Think before you say yes or no. Let your S.O. know you'd like to take some time to think about taking a trip together. A little extra time will help you clearly sort out if you feel going away with this person is a good idea or not especially if the relationship is new. If you have any second thoughts that you would feel uncomfortable with this person for a prolonged period of time or it just doesn't make sense financially, probably not the best idea to go.

2. Talk about how you will spend $$. Will one person pay for the other all the time or will you split the bill? Luckily, my boyfriend is an evolved human being and simply asked me about how I felt about spending money while we were away together. We took the 50/50 approach with everything: flights accommodations, stuff to do, visas and food. Although, I expressed I didn't want to count every penny we spend to tally up who paid for what. I felt that would detract from the flow of the trip. Chat with your boo to figure out what works best for you both before the trip.  

3. Decide where to stay together. Will you stay in an AirBnB or would you be more comfortable
in a hotel? Talk it over about what you are thinking in terms of accommodations. I don't stay anywhere scary or crusty and that was properly communicated! We sent a few pictures of AirBnBs back and forth and picked one we both liked. 

4. Express your concerns. If you are unclear or worried about something regarding the trip, tell him! Discussing will hopefully resolve any reservations you may be thinking. 

5. Be ready for all the togetherness. This was a big one for me. I currently live by myself and I've never lived with a man. I wasn't sure how I would do being in the same space as my boyfriend for a few consecutive days. I asked him about how traveling would be and he spelled it out. Commuting would all be together - just like how we sometimes commute to the beach in New York together. We didn't separate during the trip, but he let me know we didn't have to spend the entire time of the trip together and we could do activities independently. Definitely helpful if you need some time to yourselves. 

6. Relax and enjoy it! If you were asked to hop on plane somewhere to a beautiful destination, chances are that person is excited and willing to get to know you a little better. Take in the culture of wherever you both are traveling to and soak in all the good times. You will have lots to talk about and reminisce over once the trip wraps up and hopefully it will have been a positive experience. 

I think my first trip with a boyfriend went pretty smoothly, but let's ask him to see what he thinks. Be on the lookout for part two of this post from a guy's perspective on what makes a baecation successful!


Oh and in case you were wondering, we went to Havana, Cuba and it was vibrantly fabulous! If you're curious to know what traveling to Cuba is like, you can read more about it here or if you're more into visual vlogs click here


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