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My name is Taylor Paige. I am a trained dancer, turned executive assistant for a big shot investment firm, turned lifestyle and fashion influencer. I live in New York City on the Upper East Side in Manhattan in the cutest studio apartment. NYC has taught me that life is crazy and will only get crazier, but I always go with the flow and find my way out of difficult situations. NYC pushed me to think out of the box and has allowed me to express myself and cultivate my personal style. I want to be great. I want to express, love, dance, laugh, cry, eat, party, create, and live every second of my life. I want to share and inspire all the boss babes out there whose lives have been anything but linear. Express who you are and live how you want to live. We can do anything.  
"Someone else's successes are not your failures."


  1. Hey Taylor! I saw the arches in your feet and immediately knew you were a dancer. You have a great blog, looking forward to keeping up!

    1. Hi Anissa! thank you so much for your support and for checking out my blog! it means the world! Xo


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