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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Bathtub Gin's Kin The 18th Room

Who doesn't love a finely crafted gin cocktail along with full burlesque show featuring performers in a giant bathtub? If you can manage to fight the urge to slip into Bathtub Gin in Chelsea, wander into the plain glass door right next to it to find The 18th Room. 

The 18th room is ran by the same team behind Bathtub Gin and is one of my new favorite speakeasies in the city. Dark, sexy, and alluring, this bar has mixed classic Art Deco and millennial neon decor, almost as seamlessly as they mix their cocktails.

Speaking of drinks, you can request a custom made spirit tailored to your very liking. Let your server know you would like your custom cocktail and she will guide you through a few questions to determine your preferences and finally come back with your unique boozy masterpiece...and maybe some popcorn too.

This speakeasy is definitely one to add to your to do list. 


Monday, October 8, 2018

A Betsy Ball Gown

Somehow in the summer months I managed to accumulate about six (gorgeous) formal floor length gowns. Where I am going in said gowns was beyond me but damnit if I needed to wear a gown to the bodega on the corner to get some pop tarts, so be it. On this particular fall day, I decided to galavant to the park wearing a whimsical ball gown by Betsy Johnson. 

I love how much fun Betsy Johnson incorporates into her pieces and this dress is no exception. The strapless sweetheart neckline and boning in the corset gives beautiful structure to the dress while the tiny bows and not so tiny lace ruffles provide a bold yet feminine and romantic feel. 

Since I was heading to the park, I ditched my heels and threw on a pair of chunky Steve Madden Metallic Silver Sneakers. This was a departure for me since I am typically a stilettos by any means necessary kinda girl. However, the sneakers added additional character to the already animated gown and pulled the entire look together. 

The accessories? Simple and elegant. A minimal smile necklace from Tiffany & Co. along with black and gold Kate Spade stud earrings did the trick. 

Well styled, if I do day so myself.




Tuesday, October 2, 2018

When Cheetah Meets Cowboy Mixing Fall Trends

Cheetah print in the concrete jungle? Seems like a perfect fit. 

Since animal print is trending this fall, I wanted release my inner wild woman, step out of my comfort zone, and give it a go! I've never been one for prints and have steered far, far away from clothing that is bold and busy. What can I say? The NYC uniform is basically all black all the time. However, after embracing this trend, I am completely reevaluating my decisions because this long sleeved, turtle neck, cheetah print top looks so good!


A beautiful and unexpected aspect about animal print is that it is surprisingly easy to style. I threw on some mom jeans, added a western inspired cowboy belt, slapped on a hat and had an instant vibe. I elevated the look even further by adding a pair of my now favorite sunglasses and popped the outfit with a vibrant purple cross body bag. I couldn't believe how chic and effortless a busy animal print could look. 

Trends are fun and can push you into fashion you never thought you would ever wear. I will definitely be incorporating more animal print into my staple wardrobe this fall and even for future seasons. 
Will you? 



Saturday, September 1, 2018

Tips and Tricks for A Glam Bedroom Shot

You’ve seen them on your Instagram feed. The hotel or bedroom shots with your favorite influencer in a towel or plush robe on the bed looking lavish and luxe while enjoying room service with fresh fruit and bubbly. #bestlife
Well yours truly, @thechicpaige tried my own glam hotel photo shoot for the gram and I love how the images turned out! It wasn’t all glam tho. First moments of the shoot were just me awkwardly fumbling to gracefully situate myself on the bed, figuring out what poses worked, and what items to place on the bed. I finally got into a good flow and figured out what worked so I thought why not share a few tips and tricks.

Outfit on the bed. Determine what you want to wear in the shot. Will you be in a lacy body suit or a plush robe? I chose a feminine bodysuit from topshop because it was lingerie-esque and because I didn’t order a robe from Amazon and had work with what I had.
The Accessories 
I suggest grabbing your favorite magazine, sunglasses, and some sort of colorful and instagrammable food. Flip the magazine open to an image that looks fancy (perfume or sunglasses ads are great for this) and bonus points if the images match colors on the bed or what you may be wearing. For the food: if you ordered room service it will already look aesthetically pleasing but if you brought your own food (like how I did) you will need to put it on a nice plate. Put the sunglasses on the bed or wear them in a few of the shots. 
The bed is the go location obviously but scope out if other areas in the room are IG worthy. You could stand by cool piece of art or lamp or sit in a fancy chair if is there is one. 
Vogue – strike a pose
Most challenging part is looking natural in this very staged setting but no worries these are fool proof.

Legs for days pose
Sit on the bed on your butt with one or both legs extended (your choice). Angle your legs to one of the corners of the bed. You can look down slightly to make it seem like you are reading your magazine, stretch your arms out to reach like you are putting on moisturizer, or be bold and look dead at the camera. 

Propped up pose
Sit on your knees on the bed. Then sit to the left side or right side (whatever is most comfy for you). Think of something funny and laugh a little. Hold your sunglasses, some of the food, or the magazine to add some movement to the shots. 

On your toes pose

If you are standing, stand on your toes to make your legs look longer and put one foot in front of the other. You can hold on to a wall or  to help keep your balance if you're feeling unsteady.

These tips will definitely help you but ultimately feeling comfortable and confident is the key to any photoshoot!


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Keeping Up With The Kardashians & other Social Media Shit

If you are Keeping up with the Kardashians where does that leave anyone that doesn't look like them?

I was having chat with a friend at #brunch about who is successful on social media in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle communities and why. 

No surprise here, but the media impacts social media and influences interest based on who is most widely seen. 

The media = the blueprint
Social media emulates that blueprint 

You have probably seen that hashtag #representationmatters well, I hope you have seen it. Without representation, the underrepresented seep into the background and the message of not having someone who looks like you on TV, magazines, or movies causes a prodding "why is there no one who looks like me in the public eye?" question.

There is a gap in who is represented - kind of like when you can't find your correct foundation color. When I go to the explore page on Instagram, I am suddenly viewing non-poc ass cheeks and lip fillers. I love big lips and thick legs as much as the next person who enjoys a snack and I have no qualms with plastic surgery or enhancements but why is this trending so much now when it was looked down upon or overlooked just a few years ago? I truly feel that the majority of where this trend came from in American culture has been largely influenced by the Kardashians. I hate to call physical attributes a trend, but unfortunately that is what they have now become. 

If you don't want to read about race this is your chance to click away. 🙃

Physical attributes are not respective to any one particular ethnicity or race. However, whether you agree or not, black women have typically been categorized for having voluptuous bodies and fuller lips. Why did it take women who are not African American to make these attributes more widely acceptable and appear more high profile? 

The Kardashian women are gorgeous and their aesthetic is on lock. Kris Jenner knows she can make a profit but it is no secret that their brand has capitalized and gained huge profits from ripping off black culture. Bo Derek / boxer braids, Grills, Kendall's Pepsi commercial.
Come on.

Their aesthetic has created a blueprint for non-woc to emulate to on social media. Some of my favorite Instagram accounts with thousands or even a few million followers house beauties that mimic the look and aesthetic of Kylie or Kim. That is not to say they are not talented in their own respect, but looking like someone who is already famous definitely does not hurt their chances of social media success.

I am not here to bash the Kardashians or any social media stars who have gained success from an opportunity they have created but just to have a conversation on why is it important to keep challenging the images and ideas constantly being pushed in our faces.  

Still with me? 

I am loving Yara Shahidi, Zendaya, and Rihanna to name drop a few but they're all light skinned beauties. Since there is less representation of brown skinned women in the public eye, I feel we don't have a blueprint for social media so we do not look as familiar to people. I am not saying you have to copy someone else's image to be successful but less familiarity will be challenging for viewers because the underrepresented may be seen as less relatable. More importantly, lack of seeing someone who looks like you could create self esteem and mental health issues. 

There are so many factors of social media success and what I've written just touches on a few of those factors but one beautiful aspect of social media is that people who once may not have had a voice, now do. 

The solution seems be to create that blueprint that may not yet be in the eye of the media.  

It may sound cliche, but being the change you want to see is the only way to start something new.

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