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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

How to Slay LA | What to Do in LA for the Weekend

Los Angeles in just two days? Challenge accepted. 

I had a work trip that took me to San Francisco (heyyy sunny Cali, bye cold New York City) for about a week. The trip left just enough time for me to take a long weekend in the City of Angels. Why not? I had never been and thought this would be the perfect time to explore some uncharted territory. A fabulous friend that lives in NYC has spent some time in LA and met me on the west coast for a long weekend. She took me to so many places (well our Uber drivers did) and we covered all that you'll want to see and do if you have a few days on the west coast. 

Day 1:

The Hollywood sign
Put on your cute athleisure wear and hike up towards the Hollywood Sign. On your way up you will see expansive views and beautiful hills. I suggest bringing a backpack or over the shoulder bag so that both hands a free for impromptu Instagrammable moments (there will be lots).

Capitol Records & the Hollywood walk
After the Hollywood sign, take an Uber to Capitol records the walk the walk of stars. You won't need to spend too much time on this street because it's a bit run down and touristy but it brings me to the next must do...

In-N-Out Burger
Less than $4 you can get bangin cheeseburger and for a few more dollars add the fries. I am not an advocate for fast food by any means but this is fast food minus the indigestion. Idk how LA does it but they somehow manage to make their fast food somewhat healthy(ish)

Melrose Avenue 
Want a picture for your IG with wings and a pink wall? Stroll down Melrose. Make sure you bring shades and have your bestie to snap a few. This avenue has an artsy and eclectic vibe and is perfect for a chill afternoon.

Abbot Kinney Blvd
So if you're doing it right, it should be about dinnertime. Do yourself a favor an head to The Butchers Daughter for dinner. Super heath conscientious, you'll find kale salads to delicious pizza and of course some crisp vino.

Pretty close to The Butcher's Daughter is this kitschy gay bar, Roosterfish. It attracts all kinds of people so chat up a beautiful stranger over a cool cocktail to warm up the night. 

Squeeze your way into this huge space and drool over more beautiful people. Good luck making your way through the game room, main bar, outside deck, state room and study. 

Day 2

The Rose 
Sleep in just little but be sure to wake up to enjoy brunch at The Rose in Venice. Lots of amazing selections but you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't get the Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich. Oh. My. God. 

The Venice Canals 
Modeled after the canals in Venice, Italy enjoy the quaint path and cross over bridges with your bestie.

The Beaches
Of course, the main attractions Venice and Santa Monica. Take you pick or go to both while you sit and soak up the vast sun with a smile of your face. Don't forget to put on Tupac's California Love while you're staring at the ocean waves. 

Get cute and head to this chic spot in West Hollywood for some nightlife. Boomerang a cheers while sipping a cocktail because you just slayed LA. 


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

When You Feel Your Worst, Look Your Best

"When you feel your worst, look your best"

- Not sure who said that

Lately, I've been feeling down because summer is officially gone and a person who I had romantic feelings for, basically kicked me to the curb and moved to Europe in the process of doing so. 

With lack of sun and lack of said guy, it would be easy to settle into a rut on a chilly Sunday on my couch eating cinnamon toast crunch (ahem...which happened). But I didn't let my rut last long. I knew I had to get out and keep living my life as my fabulous self.

I threw on one of my new favorite patterned suits, stepped out side, and let the good feelings flow. 

Since it's fall, I slid into some tights, chunky booties, and for a spin added door knocker earrings and a western inspired hat.

Clothing is an expression and I choose to be chic. 

No matter who just ditched me, 


No matter the season.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Bathtub Gin's Kin The 18th Room

Who doesn't love a finely crafted gin cocktail along with full burlesque show featuring performers in a giant bathtub? If you can manage to fight the urge to slip into Bathtub Gin in Chelsea, wander into the plain glass door right next to it to find The 18th Room. 

The 18th room is ran by the same team behind Bathtub Gin and is one of my new favorite speakeasies in the city. Dark, sexy, and alluring, this bar has mixed classic Art Deco and millennial neon decor, almost as seamlessly as they mix their cocktails.

Speaking of drinks, you can request a custom made spirit tailored to your very liking. Let your server know you would like your custom cocktail and she will guide you through a few questions to determine your preferences and finally come back with your unique boozy masterpiece...and maybe some popcorn too.

This speakeasy is definitely one to add to your to do list. 


Monday, October 8, 2018

A Betsy Ball Gown

Somehow in the summer months I managed to accumulate about six (gorgeous) formal floor length gowns. Where I am going in said gowns was beyond me but damnit if I needed to wear a gown to the bodega on the corner to get some pop tarts, so be it. On this particular fall day, I decided to galavant to the park wearing a whimsical ball gown by Betsy Johnson. 

I love how much fun Betsy Johnson incorporates into her pieces and this dress is no exception. The strapless sweetheart neckline and boning in the corset gives beautiful structure to the dress while the tiny bows and not so tiny lace ruffles provide a bold yet feminine and romantic feel. 

Since I was heading to the park, I ditched my heels and threw on a pair of chunky Steve Madden Metallic Silver Sneakers. This was a departure for me since I am typically a stilettos by any means necessary kinda girl. However, the sneakers added additional character to the already animated gown and pulled the entire look together. 

The accessories? Simple and elegant. A minimal smile necklace from Tiffany & Co. along with black and gold Kate Spade stud earrings did the trick. 

Well styled, if I do day so myself.




Tuesday, October 2, 2018

When Cheetah Meets Cowboy Mixing Fall Trends

Cheetah print in the concrete jungle? Seems like a perfect fit. 

Since animal print is trending this fall, I wanted release my inner wild woman, step out of my comfort zone, and give it a go! I've never been one for prints and have steered far, far away from clothing that is bold and busy. What can I say? The NYC uniform is basically all black all the time. However, after embracing this trend, I am completely reevaluating my decisions because this long sleeved, turtle neck, cheetah print top looks so good!


A beautiful and unexpected aspect about animal print is that it is surprisingly easy to style. I threw on some mom jeans, added a western inspired cowboy belt, slapped on a hat and had an instant vibe. I elevated the look even further by adding a pair of my now favorite sunglasses and popped the outfit with a vibrant purple cross body bag. I couldn't believe how chic and effortless a busy animal print could look. 

Trends are fun and can push you into fashion you never thought you would ever wear. I will definitely be incorporating more animal print into my staple wardrobe this fall and even for future seasons. 
Will you? 


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